The success of the Joel Cornette Foundation is contingent on the support of our followers and the partnerships we develop. Collaboration is an effective way to make an impact and also engage a broader audience. As such, the Joel Cornette Foundation works closely with the following organizations to continue to carry on Joel’s legacy and also remind us that we have the responsibility and opportunity to improve lives and create opportunities for those in need.

Heart of Athletes Study

The Heart of Athletes Study’s purpose is to evaluate the presence of heart injury in athletes who have tested positive for COVID-19.  The research will standardize cardiovascular evaluations of NCAA athletes to understand long-term implications from COVID-19.  This will also create a platform for Athlete’s Hearts Imaging – for sudden cardiac death and other conditions.  The Joel Cornette Foundation pledged an initial grant of $100,000 to support the study and committed resources to raise awareness and financial support.  

The McLendon Foundation

The Joel Cornette Foundation is partnering with the John McLendon Minority Scholarship Foundation to create more opportunities for young women and men of color in athletics administration. 

The McLendon Foundation announced the McLendon Minority Leadership Initiative (MLI) that provides minorities a jump-start to their careers through practical experiences, and opportunities to build their networks while instilling the values of Integrity, Education, Leadership, and Mentorship. The McLendon Foundation is now actively engaging collegiate coaches, administrators, and corporations to build the program and provide opportunities within athletics departments at all levels for MLI Future Leaders.  

The Joel Cornette Foundation – which is committed to developing, supporting, and providing guidance to underserved youth through education, wellness, and community – will support MLI Future Leaders with funding for open positions, development, and job placement.   

Interested minority applicants for the Minority Leadership Initiative are encouraged to submit resumes to 

Kids 2 Camp

Kids 2 Camp is a 501C3 charity fund established to provide scholarships to disadvantaged or disabled youth for the opportunity to attend camps. Scholarships are provided by charitable partners and individual donations. Scholarship recipients are selected with the help of various charity organizations throughout the United States and are based on need or as reward for incentive programs and accomplishments. The Joel Cornette Foundation has been supporting Kids 2 Camp and providing opportunity for underserved youth since 2018.

The Calipari Foundation

The foundation’s mission is to provide for the physical, educational, and developmental needs of people and communities, while encouraging and equipping others to do the same. The foundation’s goal is to improve the quality of life both in and through these communities, with a particular focus on enriching the lives of children.

John Calipari Fantasy Experience

The fantasy experience is a unique charitable weekend that offers inside access to the University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball program. It provides fans with the opportunity to spend a weekend in the life of a Kentucky Basketball player. Attendees have the option to play or coach and will receive expert instruction from Coach Cal, the current UK men’s basketball staff, former UK basketball greats, and other celebrity guests.

Coffee with Cal

Coffee with Cal is a twenty-week live series with a focus on sports, leadership, and achieving success that features high-profile guests from the worlds of sports, business, and entertainment. Jordan Cornette, the brother of Joel, is the host of the show and the Foundation is fortunate enough to partner with.

The Joel Cornette Foundation is a sponsor of both the John Calipari Fantasy Experience and Coffee with Cal and the money donated goes towards the many charities that the John Calipari Foundation supports – No Kid Hungry, World Central Kitchen, Blessing in a Backpack and Feeding America.